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About us


Tax advice for the success of your projects

Tax Connected is a Luxembourg-based tax consultancy that provides its clients with a range of services related to their tax obligations and assists them in their dealings with the tax authorities. With our advice and services, limit the risks and maximize the opportunities.

The performance of the company depends on sound tax advice tailored for each situation

Often considered as a regulatory requirement, the tax return can also become a tool for the management of the company.

From the tax return, we can :

  • improve the efficiency and performance of the company,
  • optimise its investments,
  • protect oneself from possible risks.

Our team is exclusively specialised in tax matters

Since 2010, Tax Connected has supported companies in meeting their tax obligations while providing them with sound advice.

Our team, exclusively specialised in tax matters, shares its expertise with Luxembourgish and foreign colleagues in finance, accounting, and auditing.

Tax advice that contributes to the success of your projects

Tax Connected assists companies, executives and individuals who are considering :

  • transformation operations,
  • restructuring projects,
  • a more efficient wealth management system.

Tax Connected’s team of specialists provides tax advice and operational recommendations that contribute to the future success of your projects.