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Individuals and self-employed

Individuals and self-employed persons, rely on tax experts

As an individual or as a self-employed professional, you also have obligations towards the tax authorities.

Entrust our tax advisors with the preparation of your tax return

For questions related to personal income tax or for the preparation of your personal tax return, as a Luxembourg resident or as a cross-border worker, Tax Connected guarantees you a quality support and a sound advice.
For liberal professions such as : lawyers, doctors, dentists, administrators or anyone who develops an activity as a self-employed person, Tax Connected offers both operational and strategic support, to protect you from any tax risk and improve your tax situation.
Entrust the preparation of your tax returns to our team of tax experts.

Plan your succession considering tax issues

As part of your estate or wealth planning projects, Tax Connected analyses your tax situation and your plans to provide you with advice that will help you to considering future possibilities.