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Entrepreneurs and SMEs

Entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, entrust your tax return to the experts

For many entrepreneurs and business leaders, tax obligations are always a challenge and and aren’t without risks. Tax Connected also assists cross-border entrepreneurs, who have come to Luxembourg from France or Belgium to set up a business, with all their tax and company development procedures.


Tax Connected helps you prepare your tax returns

By entrusting these steps to tax specialists, you are guaranteed that your tax return will meet all of the administrational requirements, but also the consideration of all the various deduction possibilities
Tax Connected assists you in all your procedures and in your appeals to the tax authorities.

Control the tax risk, improve your performances

At the beginning of a tax assessment, with regard to the requirements, but also to the numerous existing possibilities of optimization, you’ll get all the keys to improve your tax situation. With a better control, you’ll be able to face the future in a more serene way.

Evaluate your projects and opportunities by considering the tax aspects

Before embarking on a business development project, or the acquisition or transfer of an activity, it is essential to evaluate its impact from a tax perspective. Tax Connected assists you in the analysis of your projects, by establishing tax audits and complete reports, real supports for decision making.

Develop your projects in Luxembourg

Tax Connected also assists many companies operating abroad in the development of their business in Luxembourg. Whether you are a commercial company wishing to set up a shop or open offices in the Grand Duchy, or a real estate company with the desire to invest in the country. We can help you assess the risks and benefits associated with your projects. Our expertise will allow you to make the right choices for the development of a sustainable and economically efficient presence.
For all your tax related needs, Tax Connected is your first-choice partner in Luxembourg.