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Tax Connected, member of a network of experts

About us


Tax matters are one of many issues to consider in the development of any business. Tax Connected made the choice to be specialised in the field of tax consulting. The company take part of networks of experts, in order to give its clients an international perspective.

Tax Connected is a member of the Tax Representative Alliance

CThis network brings together VAT specialists from several countries. The membership to this network allows Tax Connected to access a large knowledge base, in order to assist its clients in their procedures outside of Luxembourg or to facilitate those of international clients active in the Grand Duchy.

Training centers

Tax Connected maintains close links with training centers in Belgium, France and Luxembourg, in order to share its expertise with people wishing to learn about accounting and tax matters, such as Tax Academy, VAT Forum.

A large network of partners

Tax Connected has developed relationships with several service providers with complementary skills to those developed internally. Its network includes fiduciaries, lawyers, and asset management professionals.